[HIRED] Current time & statistics cog

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Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: DaveyGenbu#7887

Payment Information (Optional): 50AUD (~32USD) (negotiable). PayID (if in Australia), direct bank transfer (international money transfer) if outside.

Description of Cog: I am looking for someone who can make a cog with 2 main features.

Feature 1: The cog should be capable of displaying the current time in a given timezone in various state themed channels. Example: the #Victoria channel should have a pinned message edited once every 30 minutes which states the current time in the capital of Victoria. The #Northern-Territory channel should also have one displaying the current time in the NT’s capital. This should be able to adapt to timezone changes such as daylight savings without requiring any reconfiguration. Before it hits Discord’s API cap of 14 days, it should delete its previous message, and post/pin a new one. (Example attached to the bottom of this post)

Feature 2: We also have a vehicle statistics channel where our members post their vehicle counts in a game called MissionChief. When someone posts their statistics, their previous stats should be automatically removed (unless the previous message is pinned, in which case it should do nothing). These vehicle statistics should be collated into a central location where everyone’s vehicle statistics are added together for that vehicle type (Example: Gary updates his statistics to have 8 police cars, and Jane posts her statistics, which is 2 police cars. These should be added together and logged into a file so that when an admin runs a “getstats” command or similar, it should respond with these 2 values and print out “police cars: 10” or similar.). The bot should be capable of only adding the difference between this set of statistics and the user’s last set, rather than adding every value each time it’s posted. (example: if Gary posts another set of statistics in which he says he has 10 police cars, it shouldn’t add his previous 8+his current 10+janes 2, only his 10+janes 2). It should also have a few anti-spam capabilities, such as logging all new stats as well as the difference between the user’s previous stats into a logs channel, and being able to remove any given user’s statistics from the total via an admin only command. It can log the statistics into any type of file, I’m not fussed as long as it can do what’s needed. To make sure people don’t bankrupt me by abusing it, any file users can change should be capped at a certain size. This cap should be changeable through Discord to scale as required.

I can provide more examples and proper documentation on what it needs to do, and its exact requirements via DM upon request. Also open to invite you along to our server to give you a better understanding of how we have things laid out if that would help.

V2 or V3: V3//latest version

API’s or other information: If I’m happy with your work, I will contact you directly if I wish for any additional features to be added in the future (or if something breaks). If I cannot find you, or you don’t wish to work with me again (or don’t wish to implement the requested features), I will either fork it and add them myself, or hire someone else. Ideally, your cog should also be publicly listed on the cog index, however this isn’t a must.

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): Bounty he equivalent of AU$50 in your currency. I will cover any applicable bank fees on my end. Bounty is negotiable.

Thanks for taking the time to read my request. Please reply or DM me if you have any questions or concerns.

Heyya. I’m interested in this bounty. I have dm’ed you for further discussions.

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