[HIRED] A cog that allows user to shorten a url using our website shortener api

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Discord Username: Fulksayyan#9622

Willing to pay VIA PAYPAL

I need a cog that will utilize this api fetch to allow users to use [p]sl {url} {custom alias(optional)} of course only attaching the &custom= if one is input into the bot.

GET https://esyl.ink/api/?key=[REDACTED]&url={url}&custom={custom alias}

for V3

Please contact me through discord by sending a friend request.

the api key is individual and I would also like a command to set it.
the bot should return with Your EsyL.ink is {returned option}
it should also be prepared to have an error return message such as Your Link was too sketchy to shorten

I might be interested in taking this. Could you clarify, what kind of solution are you looking for to figure out how the link can be considered sketchy? Do you have some specific service in mind that developer should use for this or is figuring that out also part of the job?

as for the return error for sketchy links, it is done automatically by the site, using Phishtank API the site will automatically determine if a link is “sketchy” or not and either return a valid shortened link, or an error response.

the api is simply just a token the user gets from the site, that links the shortened links to their account, and then it it returns based on the one required input the url, and an optional input the custom.

quite literally all the bot will have to do is query the above GET api and it will automatically return either the valid link or a negative code, this can be tested using Phishtanks website, finding a known spam url and inputting into the GET it will return the error message specific to that check. the developer of this cog will not have to manage any security checks or access any other api functions except the one.

but it would require an api set command and the useage command that would be default be available at the base permission level for everyone

I would be willing to open up the api to users on our site of the free package, and make this cog publicly available as well.

Ah my bad, I read the bounty description wrongly. In this case, I am interested in taking this bounty.
If you don’t have the issue with waiting, I’ll be available on Discord in about 8 hours, you can contact me there to discuss the details.
My username is: Jackenmen#6607

Bounty is now finished. Everything went smoothly and the cog has been paid for.