[HIRED] [$50] Among Us Matchmaking list

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Discord Username: Jakey#8439

Payment Information: $50 Paypal

Description of Cog:

I am looking for a cog to allow users to list their game lobbies via a bot command. It should function something like this:

  1. The bot creates an embed (Which I’ll refer to as “main embed” from now on) that will list all currently active games in a table format.
  2. Below the embed are three buttons: “Create a VC Game”, “Create a non-VC Game”, and “Create a Custom Game”
  3. Upon clicking one of the first three buttons, the bot will DM the user and ask for the following:
  • Lobby Code
  • Map
  • Player Count
  • Each lobby setting in order (I will provide a list of each setting to ask for)
  • Any additional info/notes to add to their lobby post (with a configurable character limit)
  • If the user chose to create a VC Game, the bot should ask the user to join a Voice channel and then click on a reaction provided in the message. Upon clicking the reaction, the bot should grab the channel ID for the voice channel they are currently in.

The bot should only accept answers within a specified range (so you can’t answer “Player Count” with “10000” or “egg”, but can answer with a number between 3-15)

  1. Upon completion of the steps above, the bot should do three things:
  • Post an embedded message (which I will refer to as the “lobby embed” from now on) into a text channel (determined by which button they pressed, i.e. if they press the “Create a VC Game” button, it’ll post the embed into the configured VC Game channel). This embed should contain the username of the user who created it, all of the information the user provided to the bot, as well as a link to their voice channel if they chose to create a VC game.
  • Update the “main embed” to list the user who created the lobby, the map, the lobby size, current status, and a link to their “lobby embed”
  • Send the host a DM with two reactions: One to toggle their lobby’s status between “Open” and “Closed”, and another to remove it from the list.
  1. Every 60 minutes after creation of their lobby, the bot will DM the lobby creator to ask if their lobby is still active, and give them a reaction to confirm that their lobby is still running. If they click the reaction and confirm their lobby is still active, the message should delete itself and the timer restarts. If the lobby creator doesn’t click the reaction within 15 minutes OR chooses to remove their lobby, the “lobby embed” should be deleted, and the “main embed” should be edited to remove the user’s lobby.

I would also like the following options:

  • ability for mods to blacklist voice channels to prevent users creating VC games using our non-matchmaking voice channels
  • the ability for mods to edit or remove any existing lobby
  • configurable cooldown for lobby creation and changing lobby status

V2 or V3:

API’s or other information:

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC):
As I have friend requests disabled, please use this thread to contact me first and I will add you. I’ll be checking this thread daily for as long as it’s open.
Here is an example of what I want the “main embed” to look like, in terms of layout/formatting

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