[CANCELLED] Moderation Cog

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Description of Cog
I need a moderation cog with commands such as !mute !ban !warn !delwarn !warnings !clw (clear all warnings) !kick !unmute !editwarn
Basically the same as YAGPDB moderation commands.
Features needed:
-Mutes,bans, warns,unmutes, warning deletions must all send a DM to the user stating they have received these infractions. If DMS are disabled it must ping the user in a specific channel with a message saying we weren’t able to dm the user
-all moderation actions must be logged in logs channel
-Statistics on staff that have banned,muted,warned most users if possible monthly/all time statistics
-The mutes should be based on adding a role and it must be timed mutes such as !mute user 1h reasonhere
-Bad word list filter (filter must target usernames, comments, nicknames) make it so custom bad word list can be made and target for example a warn and that warn must be logged both under the user and message, this filter should include the ability to whitelist roles and channel. Make it so certain bad word filters fks bans a user or mutes.
-Automated action, if a user receives example 2x warnings in 15 minutes user gets automated for a hour.
-The warnings command should be !warns @user and it should display the reason user was warned which mod warned and such, all types of moderation actions must be displayed under the warns command.
-The ban and kick command should send a custom message to the user upon banning or kicking if unable to dm send a message in a channel pinging the user first.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information
You may release the cog to public if that reduces price of the cog

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Did you take a look at core’s Mod, Mutes, Warnings and Filter cog?

It seems to cover a lot of the points yes, would need some edits and changes tho. But not sure if that is allowed.