[CANCELLED] Dungeons & Dragons Character Info

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We can discuss something for this, as I’d like the cog public anyway.

Description of Cog
This cog is a little straightforward, as it won’t be like a full-fledged cog, but rather something to hold character sheets for Dungeons & Dragons, or Pathfinder, and all that.

D&D and Pathfinder are pretty similar between them, with perhaps a couple tweaks between them. Perhaps it could also store from other table-top RPG’s, but that is a lot to find and go through for those. D&D and Pathfinder would be a good start IMO.

Formatting of the characters should be able to take either JSON or YAML formatting, with users being able to show info from anyone, but not be able to create or edit characters (this should be left to what are essentially Dungeon Masters - ideally someone who is a DM should be able to create and edit, but if this can’t be feasible, then maybe it could be tied to a role).

Basic premise of the commands I can think of:

[p]dndchar create <game> <char_name>
This will create an entry for the character given in a particular game. As a note, I’m not picky if the game parameter can’t be done, if not it can be left off entirely.

[p]dndchar edit <char_name> [upload file]
Characters can get large, so I think ideally, it should be able to read from an uploaded file to add into the database. Profiles can and likely will exceed 2000 character limit of Discord.

[p]dndchar show <char_name>
This will, of course, show the character information in an embed. I don’t think plain text will be feasible in this case. However, pagination would work wonders for this with various emote reactions for different pages. Such as a :crossed_swords: for attack, :information_source: for general info, :shield: for equipment, among others.

[p]dndchar list
This will list all the available characters currently stored. Anyone can use this, of course.

[p]dndchar delete <char_name>
Should be self-explanatory. This should only be under the EUD and DM, users should not be able to delete characters.

[p]dndchar set dm <role>
If this is possible, sets the desired role as DM.


Other Info
Here’s a couple character sheets for reference on how it looks and what information is there.
D&D Starter Character Sheet
Pathfinder Character Sheet

In the D&D one, a lot of the fluff doesn’t need to be in the showing of information, just the name, stats, equips, attacks, etc…

If there’s anything I missed or whatever, I’m usually always available in Discord, I don’t mind if you DM me as long as we share either the main Red server or the Cog Support server. If I’m a little slow to respond at times, I could be gaming, or just simply not at the PC at the time.

[edit] Spent some time making example embeds: DND Example Embeds - This should help a bit on what they could look like.