[CANCELLED] Discord Server Analytics (Paid)

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username - LGA.Code#0001

Payment Information - Willing to pay up to $500 depending on the full level of complexity completed for this cog. This is a serious undertaking and will require time commitment and examples of past cog work to be accepted for this request. Will also need to discuss legal compliance for GDPR and other privacy rights in regards to this project.

Description of Cog

Google Analytics but for Discord Servers. Please PM me for more info.

V2 or V3
Both - Will discuss possible payment of continued ongoing support

API’s or other information
Discord RedBot
WordPress (to output analytics data)

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC) This is a bounty of up to $500 depending on level of commitment and quality. Must be on Red - Discord Bot and Red - Cog Support servers to be considered. Please PM me on Discord for questions or application.

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Sinbad was originally going to take on this request but had to drop it due to some personal issues. This bounty is still available for others who are interested in the $500 reward.

Sure, I’m willing to take this request on after learning more about it.

One of the few public bots I know that has this is Yagpdb.
It has a web output aswel.

Sadly enough not usable for red but hey, the idea is there!
Here is a link to the code:

Hey there,

We’re closing any bounties that have gone unclaimed for over 60 days. If you feel like this is an error, or are still interested in this bounty. Please flag this post with the Something Else category and state if you believe if this was a mistake, or if you’re still interested in this bounty.

Reopened by request.

This is now for V3 only.

I’m potentially interested in this one.

Connecting to the Google Analytics API is now a requirement for this request. This is where data from this cog will be outputted and stored. Find more info about it here:

I also highly recommend that anyone that is interested in taking this on seriously review the Discord API Terms of Service and understand what they’re getting themselves into, especially the following sections: Sections 2.2.v, 2.4, 2.5.c, 2.5.d, 2.5.f, and Section 13. This is not easy to comply with and although we know many bots do not comply with all aspects of the ToS, we intend to.

Cancelling and recreating because this post is bugged and won’t let me edit. Please see new post here: