[APPROVED] Tobo-Cogs

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No particular overall theme, but as is the case with most cogs, they’re created for my personal use or with a particular server in mind, then made more user-friendly for general use.

  • docref: Search for references on documentation webpages
  • errorlogs: Log error tracebacks in Discord channels
  • filterhelp: Control what commands are shown on the help menu
  • reactkarma: Like Reddit Karma, but with discord reactions
  • register: Simplifies two [p]selfrole commands into one
  • sticky: Sticky messages for discord channels
  • streamroles: Hoist users streaming on Twitch
  • strikes: Strike misbehaving users
  • updatered: A command to update Red
  • welcomecount: Customisable welcome messages which can count daily users

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Thank you for your submission. The following discrepancies were found in your repository:

Your main info.json file at the repository level is missing the following keys: name, requirements, description, and tags.

These keys are primarily used for the red portal, but for consistency we are asking all applicants to add these keys. This way, when the portal eventually goes live, all cog creators will have the same structure when users search. Other than that, everything looked great!

Thanks! I’ve added those keys to the main info.json.

Thanks for the changes. I’m approving this application.