[$5] Modify SauriCogs' suggestion cog

Discord Username: JuanDelPueblo#1401

Payment Information (Optional): PayPal, $5 is the most I am willing to pay

Description of Cog: Instead of writing one from scratch, I simply want Sauri’s suggestion cog to be modified so:

  1. It does not DM you when you suggest, or the suggestion gets accepted/rejected
  2. Does not show the user ID next to the username
  3. It creates a separate embed on the same suggestion channel on accept/reject instead of modifying the existing suggestion embed
  4. Remove the “Suggestion #X” content, and place the number inside the embed on the title instead

These changes would make his cog desirable for me, but in its current state I really am not a fan of the functionality or look.
Cog link (V3): https://github.com/elijabesu/SauriCogs

Hey, just to be sure. This rule is located in the topic to read before making a bounty. Please read before making a bounty

The rule states

Do not ask for a developer to modify another developer’s code, cog, or source without their explicit permission.

welp, do I try asking for permission now or delete

You can try to contact her to gain permission.

I have create my own suggestion cogs.
It’s not completely finished but it work.
Could you send me a DM on discord to discuss.