YouTube and Scheduler Cog

Discord Username: SevereMatrex#9214

YouTube cog. Embeds a youtube video by searching it.
Example: [p]youtube (keyword)

Also looking for a scheduler cog. The bot would type a command every X minutes.


i have read your post, and i believe i can code these 2 modules for you in a short period of time.

Contact me via discord - PaPí#0001


Did this scheduler ever get created? I would be interested to use it if it is available?

Thanks in advance


As far as I know Sinbad is working on a scheduler cog for v3.

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There is a scheduler cog on my repo now.

I have read the code for this cog and it looks excellent :slight_smile: i wonder if there is any cog-manager plugin which can directly pull the cog from github in v3 (as it used to be in v2)

thanks and cheers.

There is. [p]load downloader and then look in [p]help Downloader.
If you have questions about how to use the downloader cog, feel free to ask in our support server.