Welcome to Cog Board

Welcome to Cog Board!

Thank you for joining us! Cog Board is a part of a on-going effort to grow and develop the Red community. In the past, we have used Github for all manner of community related needs. For the most part, it has done a great job in servicing many of our requirements. However, when it comes to cog requests, applications, and long term discussion, it lacks the necessary tools that enable us to provide a great user experience.

Our goal was simple: To create a welcoming environment where users could request developers, and developers could connect with users. Cog Board allows us to accomplish that. The forum ensures that you never miss out on a conversation, and discussion does not become buried or lost in a chat. The platform allows you to provide 360 feedback on your experience, hone your skills, get custom content, and offer your skills as a service. You can also earn and display badges that honor your commitment to the community or signify to others your integrity and skills.

A few of us have put a lot of time and effort into creating this platform. Cog Board was created by Cog Creators with your interests at heart. Our hope is that this becomes a warm and welcoming place for both developers and end-users. Thanks again for joining us.

– Cog Board Staff