Voic join message to text channel

Discord Username fabian27496

Description of Cog: I would like an output in a text channel with the name that joined the voice channel

the text should be about member needed support

I have already received part of the cog from the discord

from redbot.core import commands

class mycog(commands.Cog):

    async def on_voice_state_update(self, member, before: object, after):

        CHANNEL_YOU_WANT_TO_MONITOR = 667771048778792970  # type: int

        if before.channel.id != CHANNEL_YOU_WANT_TO_MONITOR and after.channel.id == CHANNEL_YOU_WANT_TO_MONITOR:
                pass #send the message here

V2 or V3: V3

Hi, you might be interested in my extendedmodlogs cog found at https://github.com/TrustyJAID/Trusty-cogs. When the cog is loaded use [p]modlog voice toggle and [p]modlog voice channel #channel That will output when a user joins a voice channel and when they leave the voice channel to #channel that you defined.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what I want

DMed OP on Discord about this. Will be taking this bounty up tomorrow