Username Prefix / Suffix based on Roles

Discord Username: WhiffleCow#2080

Payment Information: Possible, TBD.

Description of Cog:

Add username prefixes and suffixes based on Roles assigned. For example:

  1. User has the role TSM assigned.
  2. The bot would automatically prefix his name with a predefined tag. In this case, something like [TSM].

Optionally either using his Discord Username or his current server Nickname and add the tag.

V: V3

Looking forward to all thoughts and input! I think this has a lot of potential.

I would actually be pretty interested in this. Will message you on Discord

Edit: can’t add/message you, my Discord is Ellie~♡#0001

Hey! I sent you a friend request through Discord. I should be :tomato::tomato::tomato:#6271.

Cogboards kinda struggles with the Emoji’s in my username so the Discord tag’s don’t match up. :frowning: