User Statistics Cog (V3)

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: DaveAzoicer#0001

Payment Information (Optional): Cant say exactly what it would be worth, but lets say $10-30?

Description of Cog: I’m interested in a cog that records when a user joins our discord (date), when they leave (date), how long they stayed in days/weeks/months/year, etc and how many messages they’ve sent during their time within the discord.
As well as recording how many joins and leaves on a daily basis.

For example it could work something like:

!statistic ID/name - to show the statistics of a user
!statistics 20190217 - show the join/leave amount for the day (maybe have this saved in a document somewhere so it can read if I would request for example a month back?)

Feel free to name the commands better.


API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): Bounty

I am willing to take this, please contact me via discord my username is PaPí#0001

Can I request that this cog is made public over time?

I’m here. Still interested! Sorry, was away. Sent PM on Discord.

This job is taken by me, and will be done in short period of time!

Cog is done, and was a pleasure talking about the process and everything involved with PaPi, highly recommend him for anyone who want a cog.

Working wonderfully!

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