User Controls Role

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Discord Username - Kloud#7120

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  • Admin makes room for a user (example names use) User is named ‘Banana’, room named ‘Banana’s Friends’
  • Admin makes role ‘BananaRoom’ with permissions that apply to room
  • Admin tells bot that user ‘Banana’ has access to role ‘BananaRoom’
  • User ‘Banana’ can now directly add/remove people to that role via the bot, when commands are in that room, no other access to the role is necessary, this is a part of keeping role structure neat and tidy
  • List functions and alike would be needed, for admins to keep things maintained, so that if someone leaves, they can ‘list’ the entries and ‘info’ their details, to then be able to ‘del’ the entry, again all in case a member leaves.

The scope is to allow a user to simply add or remove people as they wish from a room, thus making it privately controlled by them. This resolves admins from having to manage a role, it also resolves users with rooms from having to learn permission schemes for users and keeps the abilities neatly controlled as the admins see fit.


API’s or other information - NA

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Unsure if specified amount for payment was expected, new to this but really love Red and it’s objective.

Like I said I don’t have much, but could PayPal around 30 USD, give or take? Open to replies if remotely interested.