Upgraded Leveler Request [Cash Bounty]

Discord Username: DoubleXP#0627

Payment Information (Optional) $20 [Neg.]

Description of Cog:

Upgraded Leveler of MARALENE Leveler Cog; Interested in making the GFX from this Cog resemble Stevy’s V2 Cog Imagery

Please include the badge creation ability that may already be coded within his repo

V2 or V3: VERSION 3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

This already exists as fixators leveler which is on the cog board as well

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Fixators leveler requires mongo which doesn’t set up for me correctly to use;
I was trying it today and having severe issues installing all of mongo! It keeps given me a public key error which is weird;
If there is another way that would be great!
Any Suggestions?