UFC Cog [$100-$150]

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$100-$150 PayPal, open to other suggestions

Looking for a cog as similar to trusty’s hockey cog but for the UFC. I know trusty’s hockey is miles ahead most of any other sports cog so it doesn’t need to be just as featured packed.

I’m looking for:

Ability to search for fighters which will list their fight record/stats/fight style. (Show picture of fighter like when searching for players using trusty’s hockey cog)

Ability to search results of fights. (Show way of win, who won, what round, etc)

Ability to see next and/or previous events.

Have the bot post when fights are starting.


Found an API already grabbing most of this info: https://github.com/Valish/ufc-api

Edit: here is something that might work better for an api - https://developer.sportradar.com/docs/read/Home#getting-started

$100 for features listed above to be posted with commands.

$150 for a bot that automatically scrubs and grabs info as it’s updated before, during, and after the fights.


Respective values raised to $150-$200

I am interested in discussing this bounty on Discord before taking the job.

Username: PaPí#0001

I was unable to add you on discord, please send a friend request so we can further discuss on it.

Sent! Someone else recently messaged me about it as well. I’ll keep you both in the loop.

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After talking in discord, I am willing to do this