Smart React Upgraded

Hey team, I need your help.

In short, Smart React is able to recognise words, phrases etc and react with emojis. I’d like to Red to be able to react with more than just emojis.

If anyone would be willing to help me out, I would like the option for reactions to be executed for commands. An example being:

User: "I am underage"

>Bot strips all roles from user.  (in my server, this renders the user unable to do or see anything)
>Bot infracts/warns user with a DM.  (e.g  [p]warn)
>Bot DMs a moderator/admin about the incident.

If you think you could help me out, that would be amazing!
Please contact me at your earliest convenience should you like to help!
Discord: OfficialTR@2144

Whilst this isn’t paid, by no means do I want to keep this to myself, but rather share it with everyone!
At the very least, I would like this to be a way to automate, to some varying degree, a bit of moderation on keywords, without banning. :slight_smile:

You may be interested in my ReTrigger cog. It allows you to define a regex pattern to trigger many things such as commands, reactions, bans, kicks, messages, and more. It is V3 only though.

Wonderful, sounds interesting! I’ll check it out - thanks!