Several Requests Needed To Be Completed

Discord Username

Payment Information
All payments will be sent via PayPal. Send me your offers though DMs or PMs.

All cogs will be created for V2

1. Sale Listing Cog

A cog that would help a user create an embedded message into a specific channel as they provide the details for us to put into the message. More specifically, the use would be to create an embedded sale listing.

A Walkthrough Example:

  1. User types command !post
  2. Bot DM user.
  3. Bot asks “Would you like to post a sale post in channel #blahblah? Yes or No?”
  4. User reply Yes or No to confirm if the channel is the right channel.
  5. Bot asks “Are you Selling, Trading or Both?”
  6. A user inputs his answer.
  7. Bot asks “What are you Selling/Trading?”
    and so forth.

Cog Features:

  • Allow users to edit their message after.
  • Display images?
  • Delete message after # days unless you have certain roles.

2. Search Cog

Allow users to search specific categories and channels for keywords.

A Walkthrough Example:

  1. Admin set a Search category and search channel for search commands only
  2. User type command !search [category] [channel] [keywords] in that channel
  3. Creates a channel in Search category.
  4. Displays all results. Only the user that used the command can view the channel.
  5. Delete channel after 10 mins or after typing !done

Calebj has taken on the requests.

Any update on this?

updates? The sale listing cog would be /amazing/.

Hey there,

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