Set Collection for Users (Advanced)

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I understand this is a huge cog to write, I am not made of money, and I am quite unwilling to pay also. If possible for free, but I understand if you want payment. I will most likely decline.
Description of Cog
The concept is a collectible cog. Users can gain collectibles which are set by admins and mods only [p]collectible create <collectible_name> <collectible_emoji> - Creating a collectible
[p]collectible setbalance <user> <add/set/subtract> <quantity> <collectible_name> - Sets a users balance of a created collectible
[p]collectible del <collectible_name> <collectible_emoji> - Deletes a collectible
[p]collectible rename <collectible_name> <new_name> <new_emoji>- Renames a collectible
Members cannot add, set or subtract to their own collectibles unless they are a mod/admin.
Members cannot create or delete collectible variables unless they are a mod/admin.
Here’s in action:
[p]collectible create Cookie
Creates cookie collectible.
[p]collectible setbalance Dave add 6 Cookie
Adds 6 cookies to Dave's total.
[p]collectible del Cookie
Deletes collectible. Will also remove all quantities for those who have previously collected that collectible. [p]collectible leaderboard
Leaderboard for total of collectibles.
[p]collectible leaderboard Cookie
Shows the leaderboard for 'Cookie' collected.
[p]collectible toggle announce mention
Toggles if a user can be mentioned when they gain a collectible. Can also work for DM.
[p]cprofile / [p]cprofile
Shows the users collectible profile with all collectibles and quantities set by mods/admins.
[p]rename cprofile Renames the collection name which will appear on your profile. Default is collection. [p]rename cprofile all (mods only)
[p]rename cprofile deny toggle Deny for users to be able to rename their collection.
Here’s how it would look: (Preferably embedded:)

Dave’s Treasury
:cookie: Cookies: 47
:fountain: Fountains: 7
:rhinoceros: Rhinos: 21
Dave used [p]rename cprofile Treasury to change his collectibles name from Dave's Collectibles to Dave's Treasury
He cannot do this if a moderator has [p]rename cprofile deny toggle .
A moderator has:
[p]collectible setbalance Dave add 47 Cookie
[p]collectible setbalance Dave add 7 Fountain
[p]collectible setbalance Dave add 21 Rhino
Dave is just a template name to show you how it would work.
Why this concept?

  1. It can bring liveliness into servers, discussions about leaderboards etc.
  2. Mod: Whoever has the most ‘Cookies’ at the end of the week wins (X).
    This will provide competitiveness but ALSO will provide help if that is a requirement to earn cookies.
    I appreciate the complexity of this project. I would do this myself, but I have 0 coding knowledge.
    Collectibles per user will not be global, they will be server.

V2 or V3

Other info
I had previously done a writeup, but it was very vague explaining what I was trying to accomplish. Any questions please ask. Add my Discord.