Self-Updated list cog

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Willing to pay

I am looking for a cog to be made, where items on the list can be stacked. And if an item on the list has been on the list for a certain amount of time, it’ll add (old) to it.
I.E, there are no items on the list, until you add one. !add (listname) hat
Then, if you need to add another hat !add (listname) hat, then it becomes x2 hat on the list


Hey there @BraixenLovesChu,

As part of our ongoing effort to encourage users to upgrade to v3, we want to suggest that you should request to have this cog made for Red v3 instead. Red v2 is at its end of its lifespan and will soon cease to function when Discord will make changes to their service that will outright kill bots that aren’t updated to their new standards. v3 will support this upcoming behavior, but v2 won’t and will not be updated to account for these changes.

Especially with you willing to pay money for this cog, it would be better and more economical for you to request this for v3.

If you have any questions in regards to v3, feel free to drop by in our support channels over at

Oops, I actually meant V3. Sorry.