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a cog that can lock your current role permissions, so no matter who changes the permissions for e.g role a *can kick members, connect to voice channel etc., the cog will always switch it back to the “locked” state.
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im willing to do 10 dollars for this

I’ll pick it up for that I guess. 2 questions before I do anything with it.

a cog that can lock your current role permissions

Do you mean this should lock all the roles, or should this apply to specific roles individually?

and who should be able to enable/disable the lock? Admin role + bot owner? Server owner + bot owner?

Edit: You can DM me on discord if that’s easier as well. (SInbad#0001)

I have mods and admins that can manage roles. i dont want them to be able to delete or modify any roles what-so-ever, but i wouldn’t mind them being able to edit the ones i specify that they can.
by default, i just want to lock all roles on my server from being edited by any staff other than the ‘owner’ role i specify within the cog.

It sounds like a better solution would be a cog that selectively allows editing roles and who is a member of them. If you are on v3 already, you should check out my role management cog which may already cover what you need without needing to pay someone extra to reinvent the wheel.

If you’re stuck with v2, I can create the role lock as originally described, but given your update on an answer, that has an issue of deleted roles, created roles. Alternatively, I can create something which will selectively allow mods/admins to modify the following things (less if you’d prefer less to be possible):

Role color
Role name
Role Permissions
Add/remove roles from someone.

(This would all be configurable as to which roles they could edit/give/remove to better suit your stated needs)

sounds good on the v2 end to me.

Alright then, I’ll have that ready for you at some point tomorrow.