Role cog

Discord Username

Description of Cog
Someone posts in a specified channel (f.e. #member-introductions), bot auto-assigns a specified role (f.e. Intro✔️).

V2 or V3
doesn’t matter, I have both versions running

This is planned for the next update to my V3 role management cog (with some other criteria available for auto-assigning roles as well.)

If you’re content to wait for that, you can find those here and the status of your request in particular here.

If not, you’ll have to find someone else.

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If you arent willing to wait, I could make this cog on v2 or v3

Although, I would recommend waiting for sinbad to update his v3 cog.

Yes, I think I’ll wait as I’m already using the rolemanagement cog. Thank you ^^