Rng mini game (Paid V3)(Bounty completed)

Salt Mine Mini Game

Skyde Panthera#8006

Paid Bounty ( 35 Australian Dollars aka AUD )

Very simple summary
This Bounty is for a rng based mini-game in which users mine (gain) salt (credits) based on an rng command.

Not so simple example
User types [p]mine
The bot will then select a random outcome from a predefined list which comes with it’s own reward, for example:

“You struck the Salt goldmine! (30 salt)”
“You found a nugget of Salt! But then tripped and dropped it into the abyss below. (0 salt)”

The (X Salt) determining how many credits they have received.

Visual example:

Any ‘Salt’ earned will just be credits added to that users bank.

After the user has used the [p]mine command there will be a cool-down time (specified by the bot owner) before the user can use the [p]mine command again.

If the user attempts to use [p]mine before the cool-down has completed the bot will select a message from a predefined list.

Visual example:

Additional information
The mini game will have it’s own leaderboard displaying the top 10 users sorting by who has mined the most Salt in their lifetime (not who has the current highest amount of credits)

Visual example:

This cog will be for V3.

As cringe as it is please put somthing in the py file such as “originally commissioned by Skyde Panthera”

I see no reason for this cog not to be public unless the developer who picks up this bounty wishes it to be otherwise.

The bounty will be paid via paypal in AUD.

The “predefined lists” that I mention should be txt files or something akin to that such as a clearly designated area in the py file for editing the outcomes.

Visual example of what that might look like:

The if’s

if you believe said bounty would require more funds to be accomplished this can be negotiated with me on Discord.

If you believe that the overall theme of the cog can be completed much better way please do say.

If you want more information or for me to go further into detail on something please do ask here or at preferably at Skyde Panthera#8006 on Discord.

Hit you up on discord.

Working on it.

Delivered and paid.

This bounty has been fulfilled by UltimatePancake. A fair price was negotiated and the developer was clear and helpful throughout the development of the cog :+1:.