Require Admin permissions to run bot commands cog

Discord Username: Suzerain#8912

Payment Information (Optional): honestly, I would really like to pay but currently, if you want me to pay, I will only pay out in Euros, as that’s the only thing I won’t get taxed for and PayPal has been bugging recently, so not quite sure if I can offer you money, but I can offer you to help you get more people on your servers by inviting friends and such probably or popularizing Red bot and

Description of Cog: It’s a simple cog. The bot checks if it has Administrator permissions, if it doesn’t, whichever command anyone executes (even the bot owner), it will say «The bot requires administrator permissions to opperate.» If it has Administrator permissions, then the command will run regularly.

V2 or V3: v2

API’s or other information: Make the cog hidden from the coglist.

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): -

Cancel request.