Rename user with reaction

Discord Username : SimBaIT#0185

Description of Cog

V2 or V3 : V3

I would like when an user click on a reaction on a specifi message add in front of (or at the end of) her current pseudo a specific texte. Like for a role but with texte.

Advance thanks.

I do it myself to finish.
Maybe just need help to catch errors and be sure user can’t do “abuse”

I have big probleme with config.
I can create the setting.json, but I don’t have any idea how to read it.

You might want take a look in the coding channel on discord.

Oh yes don’t worry about that.
The poor guys I must annoy them with my stupid beginner questions since 2 days.
I just write in this stream to explain my advancement. If somebody want help me and coding with me to help me.