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Mostly cogs from the Rocket League Discord server with some fun stuff I needed in other servers.


Thanks for the submission.

Just a few things to handle.

  1. Each info.json needs a couple fixes. Keys are expected as lowercase, and the author key is expected to contain a list of a strings. The full spec can be found here: https://red-discordbot.readthedocs.io/en/v3-develop/framework_downloader.html#info-json

  2. Your cogs should use the i18n decorator. Right now none of your cogs work properly with localization, despite having translations, and jumping through a bunch of unnecessary hoops around this. (such as the reload translations portion in each cog)

  3. React roles using a message cache in that manner may cause some issues. (Specifically, a potential de-sync from the copy you have.) While I did not encounter anything problematic in my testing, if you notice this causes problems in the future, I’d advise using the data the raw events give you to avoid ever needing the actual message object.

Closing this due to inactivity.