[REJECTED] Ritsu Cogs

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Small mix of random cogs. Some are responses to requests from other Red users. I haven’t done anything with V3 yet, but I’m planning to work on some Japanese learning tools for V3 once my work / family situation settles down.

Hey, just a heads up, the current application process is for V3 cogs. Your V2 repo will continue to show up on cogs.red without this process. We’d love to see what you do bring to V3 when ready though.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. It’s good to have some extra motivation to work on V3 cogs :slight_smile:

By the way, is there a preference as to whether V3 cogs should go in a new repo, a separate “V3” branch in an existing V2 repo, or intermingled with V2 cogs in an existing repo?

Of those options, the only one I would consider to be unsupported would be intermingling the two in the same repo and branch. Some authors have chosen a v3 branch, others a seperate repo and both of those options are supported by both red’s downloader, and the update to the cog portal (still being worked on by Orels currently)

I’m closing this given that this is for V2. Feel free to re-open an application when you are ready with V3 content.