[REJECTED] Quantum-Cogs

Discord Name: MrDragonBoi#7894

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): https://github.com/MrDragonBoi/Quantum-Cogs

Description: A cog that allows you to see the latest COVID-19 statistics and lockdown any channels. This is in BETA, so I apologise if its buggy, or if it has too little cogs. I will add more cogs in the near future. Most of the code is borrowed, but I am giving credit to all of the original creator(s). I understand if you reject this, I am not expecting a first acceptance on my first project submission, but I hope you stay safe though! <3

Another thing, the statecases command won’t work with Slang terms, like “WA” or “CA”, but “Washington” and “California” would be fine.

Hello there, thanks for your patience in regards to your application.

Your repo install message has an attempted link markdown format in it - the “make an issue on my GitHub repo” text is formatted like it should be a link and the install message is presented to the user as plain text, so this link doesn’t work as you intended.

In your repo install message, you say you only have 1 cog but that’s not the case.

Loading the covid cog gives me ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'diseaseapi' as you need to add the automatic installation of this package to your info.json via the requirements header. Check out Publishing cogs for Red V3 — Red - Discord Bot 3.4.14 documentation if you need help, or take a look at other 3rd party cogs to see how they list their cog requirements. Trying to pip install a pacakge named ‘diseaseapi’ doesn’t work, so make sure you’re pointing the user to either the package you’re listing in your repo README, or that it’s a valid pip package.

This is not a requirement, but you may want to look into the Black package for formatting your cog(s) and code files. The covid cog file has lines that are 200+ characters long - a lot of people format their code with line lengths of somewhere between 80 and 120 characters. It helps readability in most cases.

You have an end user data statement in both of your cogs’ info.json files but you do not use the relevant code in your covid.py or lockdown.py files so that the mydata command can report on the cog’s data.

Your info.json for both cogs uses a mix of spaces and tabs.

In the lockdown cog, you have import discord as redbot which can be confusing to people trying to read your code. It’s better to leave packages as their given names or shorten them if needs be, but to something relevant.

Your lockdown cog assumes that removing send permissions from @ everyone would be sufficient as a lockdown procedure, and your install message and/or cog help doesn’t mention that it is only the send perm for @ everyone. Different servers have different permission setups so it’s good to let users know exactly what a cog is attempting to do.

While it is good that you check for bot permissions and user permissions with the lockdown command decorators, if the bot or user doesn’t have these permissions, your commands won’t show up in help. This can be confusing for users as they may not know why the commands don’t show. Consider adding information to your install message, or to the cog’s class docstring, to illustrate these restrictions - or check for permissions in the code of the command itself and return a friendly message to users when their permissions are not sufficient.

I will be rejecting this repo based on the requirements of having a set of cogs, or cog, that is complex enough that it couldn’t be run in an eval. Both of your cogs’ capabilities can be eval’ed out. If you’d like more guidelines on what we’re looking for, please give Becoming an Approved Cog Creator — Red - Discord Bot 3.4.14 documentation a read. You can also feel free to submit your repo to the Red 3rd party cog index as an unapproved repo, by providing a PR. This repo can be found at https://github.com/Cog-Creators/Red-Index.