[REJECTED] Maxcogs

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GitHub Repository (Must be V3):

This repo has 2 images cog that are different one with nekos and one with space images that are related to our universe. And an embeduptime cog that shows bot uptime that are completely different from others and core with shows bots name too.

Hope to hear back soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience.

Commit hash: 4134c78baa49b9f7483a8399501de14d2359326c
Red v3.4.14
Consider anything prefaced with “You might want” to be optional

-You should include the name key in your repo-wide info.json and all cog info.jsons

-You might want to fix the typo in your install_msg “on unload you will have the core on back.”
-You don’t need to include the pip install instructions in your install_msg as you properly use the requirements key.
-You might want to use a different top level command that [p]settings, as that is VERY generic and easy to have clash with other cogs. I know inviteset is already taken, so maybe just [p]advancedinvite?
-The help text of [p]settings set says that the message “cannot be longer than 2000” characters, however entering a large number of characters just under this limit causes the cog to error. Since you print the message back exactly as written with additional text, only checking > 2000 causes an overflow with your additional text.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "\cogs\CogManager\cogs\advancedinvite\advancedinvite.py", line 84, in settings_set
    await ctx.send(
discord.errors.HTTPException: 400 Bad Request (error code: 50035): Invalid Form Body
In content: Must be 2000 or fewer in length.

-Your current handling of the args breaks with user-provided input. This traceback is produced with the set string {}{}{}{}{}.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "\cogs\CogManager\cogs\advancedinvite\advancedinvite.py", line 117, in invite
    description=(await self.config.invite_default()).format(name, invite),
IndexError: Replacement index 2 out of range for positional args tuple

-You should make an issue in Red to make await self.bot.get_cog("Core")._invite_url() into a public method.

-I can’t load this cog at all. It seems like it was only added today, so I don’t want to be super strict here, but it’s also not hidden or anything like that so…

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "\redbot\core\core_commands.py", line 176, in _load
    await bot.load_extension(spec)
  File "\cogs\CogManager\cogs\beg\__init__.py", line 1, in <module>
    from .beg import Beg
  File "C:\Users\Flame\Desktop\Random\TestingRedbot\qa\BOT\cogs\CogManager\cogs\beg\beg.py", line 44
    description=f"{amount_to_deposit} \N{COIN}",
SyntaxError: (unicode error) 'unicodeescape' codec can't decode bytes in position 1-8: unknown Unicode character name

-You might want to use the configured currency name with redbot.core.bank.get_currency_name instead of a hardcoded value \N{COIN}.
-Your cooldown is always user-based, however this would still limit users to begging in only one guild in a non-global bank. You might want something a bit more robust for determining cooldowns, such as a config value stored for each user/member of the last beg time.

-You might want to use async with ctx.typing(): instead of await ctx.trigger_typing().

-You have the exact same code repeated in every single command with only the API endpoint and the description text being slightly different each time. You might want to move that logic to a helper function w/ those two things as arguments in order to make this cog more maintainable.

Your repo is a good start, and you handle most edge cases correctly. However, I will be rejecting this repo based on the requirement that repo shows an understanding of a range of common cog practices. Your repo consists of only API cogs and core command replacement cogs. We would really like to see one more cog with something unique that shows what you know, rather than things that just build on the ideas of others.

If you’d like more guidelines on what we’re looking for, please give our Becoming an Approved Cog Creator documentation a read.