[REJECTED] Malarne - discord cogs

Discord Name:

GitHub Repository (Must be V3):

Miscellaneous cogs.

Boobs: v3 update of the oboobs cog
League: League of legend cog, displaying infos like game players’elo, top masteries of an account, game history (slow, need an update) using the Neeko Python API (made by myself, unpublished now)
Leveler: A totally new Leveler for v3. Customizable [p]profile (background, note), and a lot of features ! (still working on features to add)
Note: to put the cog in english, use [p]set locale en-US
Note2: by default, whitelist is enabled, check out [p]levelerset channel whitelist to toggle it on/off :slight_smile:

I’ll be reviewing your cogs soon, hopefully tomorrow. Just wanted to give you an update, and let you know someone has been assigned to your application.

After a discussion with the rest of QA, and the core developers we have decided to make the default locale as English. There are two parts to this decision. The first is that, it’s difficult for us to determine if an output is correct or not. There is a limit to what we can test, when we lack understanding of the end language. The second, is that anyone should be able to install a cog, and expect that it is in English. Part of that is because, most people know English either as a second or first language, but also because it provides a degree of predictability.

It is with a heavy heart, that I will be rejecting this application. I think you have the beginnings of a great repository so far, but at this time I cannot review it with the level of scrutiny we try to provide. I saw that you included a translation file for leveler, and I really applaud your efforts. When you have made the switch to have English as the default for your cogs, please resubmit your application. I’ll be sure to bump you up on my list. If you have any questions please contact me on discord or send me a private message on Cog Board