[REJECTED] DeJokerCogs

Discord Name: DeJoker#7786

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): DeJokerCogs Repository

Description: This repository provides essentials tools for your guild as a Owner/Mod.

Additional Information: My repository has only one cog now (More will be added in the future), So I am hoping you would see me as an exception.

This rule is meant for developers who are very new to programming.

I am very familiar with code and I am known in some coding community already.
My cog can be considered complex as it handles almost every discord event, Every cog I will create will be fully customizable, and will ensure quality and secure tool for all guilds using it.

Hi @DeJoker, here is my initial review of your cog.

L 234, 247, 258: You reuse the same function name set_guild_settings three times, this is preventing you from even using the commands.

L 268 and 280: See issue above except with set_edit_message.

L 644: you assign guild then never use it

on_message_delete when a user deletes a message that is larger than 1024 characters this will error out because embed fields have a maximum of 1024 characters whereas the embeds description field has a maximum of 2048 characters.

on_message_edit same issue as on_message_delete.

Closing this due to inactivity and no longer on the core bot or cogs server. Feel free to re-apply once the changes are made.