Discord Name: Nimbi#4961

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): https://github.com/Discord-Coding-Community/DCC-Cogs

Description: Discord Coding Community’s list of Cogs for use with RedBot.

Sorry for the delay in your review.

Commit hash: a22947874d3a418f3b0eff6fa755c33f06418bc8
Red v3.4.14

-You might want to fix the invite link in your repo install_msg, it goes to a 404.

-Your cog install_msg should reiterate a warning that the cog contains NSFW/adult content.
-You might want to make the “Type [p]help NSFW for more information.” line of the cog install_msg specify that it must be used in an NSFW channel.
-You might want to look into why half of all [p]ph rndms just return the base link to pornhub, not an actual video. It seems like this is an issue on the website’s end.
-Your end_user_data_statement does not actually address what data your cog uses/stores.
-The BaseCog = getattr(commands, "Cog", object) line was previously used for backwards compatibility reasons, you might just want to use class NSFW(commands.Cog):.
-The __del__ = cog_unload line line was previously used for backwards compatibility reasons, you might want to remove it.

-You should use the hidden or disabled info.json key to prevent users from accessing unfinished cogs, instead of not including an __init__.py file.

You have done a good job ensuring NSFW can only be used in NSFW channels, and maintaining and cleaning up an aiohttp session. However, I will be rejecting this repo based on the requirements of having a set of cogs, or cog, that is complex enough that it couldn’t be run in an eval. Your repo only contains 1 cog with 1 command that could easily be run in an eval. If you’d like more guidelines on what we’re looking for, please give our Becoming an Approved Cog Creator documentation a read.

You may feel free to reapply once your repo meets the requirements outlined in our docs. You can also feel free to submit your repo to the Red 3rd party cog index as an unapproved repo, by providing a PR. This repo can be found at https://github.com/Cog-Creators/Red-Index.