[REJECTED] Ax-cogs

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A set of search, retrieval, and other misc plug-ins for Red Discord Bot


I have reviewed your repository and made a list of changes for each cog. While this list may seem long, the requested changes are pretty minor and easy to fix. You have a good number of cogs, which also added to the length of this review. I included some references for things that may need more explanation, but not everything has a reference link. If you require more information please reply to this response.

I also included some recommendations as well, which are not required for you to pass this review, but some stuff to keep in mind moving forward. Once you have made these changes, a final review will take place. Reply on this thread letting QA know that the changes have been made. If we find any other changes that need to be made, myself or another QA member will let you know as soon as possible.

Corrections (Must fix for approval)


  • The author key in your info.json files need to be a list of strings. Reference
  • Your info.json keys in longcat, loot, the100, and lootbox are all caps, but should be all lowercase. Reference

Advanced Google

  • Class missing a docstring.


  • Cog info.json should disclose that a data folder is bundled and created. Reference
  • This cog has the possibility of being I/O heavy with the read/writes in the file_check function and should disclosed in the info.json.
  • bundled_data_path should be moved to the package’s __init__.py setup function prior to loading the cog.

Long Cat

  • Class missing a docstring.
  • Cog info.json should disclose that a data folder is bundled. Reference


  • Cog info.json should disclose that data is created. Reference


  • Geico shouldn’t be using bot.reply, it should use ctx.send. Reference
  • The compare command has some unresolved references with the missing variable in the else block.


  • Docstring missing for the class.

Loot Box

  • Docstring missing for the class.
  • Cog class name should be camel case.
  • Remove pass_context=True in the command signatures.


  • Remove pass_context=True in the command signatures.
  • In the reset command for Points, bot.wait_for is incorrect. You need to specify an event. Additionally, the structure for these have changed. It no longer returns None when it times out. It raises an asyncio.TimeoutError, which must be caught.


  • Doc string missing for the class.

The 100

  • Class missing a docstring.
  • perm_check function should use bot.owner instead of bot.settings.owner.
  • role and token commands are checking for None in bot.wait_for('message'...) events. Should be
    catching the raised asyncio.TimeoutError instead.


  • Class missing a docstring.
  • perm_check in Trove cog should be using bot.owner instead of bot.settings.owner

Recommendations (Not necessary to change for approval)

  • horoscope.py should use the bundled data for the data folder instead of using os.path
  • Put a line break between the first and second line on your docstrings. Otherwise the output will look unexpected when using help.
  • For your group commands, consider using autohelp for custom, and for the rest remove the unecessary ctx.invoked_subcommand.
  • Consider changing your bare excepts in welcome to except asyncio.TimeoutError

This is being closed due to inactivity. Please resubmit when you have more time.