[REJECTED (2) ] Laggron's Dumb Cogs

Discord Name: El Laggron#0260

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): https://github.com/retke/Laggrons-Dumb-Cogs/tree/v3

Description: A repository of utility cogs providing tools for mods/admins for managing the server and the bot.

Rejecting this (again) for now.

I said to reapply when the issues discussed were fixed, but no earlier than 2 weeks. Not all of the issues mentioned have been fixed, but you decided to rush and reapply at two weeks anyway.

Here’s a very very brief showing of that, and I’m not going to spend the time fully reviewing your repo again when discussed issues were not fixed.

  1. Following your own docs your cog points to will cause a failure:

  2. After fixing your code, and adding a bit to handle an expected failure case based on discussed issues previously:

The discussed issues were clearly not satisfactorily fixed.

I haven’t checked your other cogs again. I haven’t even fully checked this one.