Reaction to Commands

Discord Username: Toast#9069

Payment: Willing to pay if so needed.

Description of Cog: A cog where you can add a reaction to a message and then set if a user reacts with the reaction set it would run a command. For example say i have a emoji (cookie) when a user clicks the cookie it would run a command that i can set (could set it to give user a role as example of its use.).

Also upon clicking reaction again it would run a different command (un-react) or maybe a option to toggle a if it does nothing on (un-reacting) or does run a different command.

V2 or V3: V3

If asked in Cogs Discord server to see if anyone knew of a cog like this and was told to create a bounty as many people said its good idea and endless possibilities with it.

If you require more information contact me via discord, I will be more than happy to discuss in more detail.

Thank you

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Willing to discuss this via Discord, and possibly take on this bounty.

Thank you for your interest, Im in talks with someone now regarding this. If anyone is interested in taking on this bounty please reply to this.