Bounty Request

Discord Username:

Payment Information:
I don’t have a huge amount of money, but I’m happy to contribute what I can once I get paid.

Description of Cog:
I previously requested a cog over on the old github bounty board to enable RCON control of game servers through discord channels. Most of the core of the cog was completed but quite a few additional features never made it in and the developer has gone silent now for a few months.

Currently the cog allows sending of commands and receiving responses via RCON and has a live chat feature to fetch chat messages from servers that support it. These are the features that never made it in:

  • Sending command output to channel topic (online player list etc)
  • Configurable private message command alias
  • Notifications of server status (going up and down) with configurable mentions
  • Unicode support for games that output unicode through rcon
  • Crosschat between servers (not essential but would be nice)
  • General tidying up of debug messages and help text

V2 or V3:
V2 for now but possibly a V3 re-write once it’s more supported.

API’s or other information:
Previously requested cog: https://github.com/Sebass13/Sebass-Cogs/tree/master/rcon
RCON library used in current cog: https://pypi.org/project/aiorcon/

Other info:
If you need a server to test stuff on drop me a message in discord and I can boot up a test server.

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