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Adding a page with a list of public red-bots everyone can use to try features without being forced to host locally his own bot.
Hi, first of all, the new website is AMAZING :smiley:
So i had a little idea to improve it.
New people discover Red each days, and they all have to host a local bot to try the features and see if that’s what they want, some people don’t know anything about python, path, tokens etc, so that’s why we have #support on discord: most of time answer those people on how to make their bot work.
So i had an idea, with the new website: why not just list public trusted and verified bots with their invite links, so that people can invite them and use their feature much faster ?
I’m not thinking about a place for everyone to advertise our bots, absolutly not, i think it will just help for people who just want simple features such as audio or moderation logs find a faster solution than having to pay for a VPS and install their own bots.


This could be a good idea. Like you cautioned in your summary, I would be hesitant to add just a simple collection of bots. However, a few hand picked bots to showcase Red’s capabilities could be great. As for the bots, I think Squid is a good candidate. I would like to here from some others, (like @UltimatePancake) and hear their thoughts.


In the past Orels has mentioned that he wanted something like this at some point; a public bot list of Red instances. This brings up the question though, are we going to moderate this list at all? Having a list in general means there needs to be resources for vetting the bots for any malicious content, responding to any issues regarding said bots, and making the list fair and not weighted. A truly randomized list would be fine in my opinion, but when you start getting into rankings or things like that it could get a little messy perhaps.

I think something moderated, at least filtered by trusted people, to avoid getting too much into “i am using this bot and that command isn’t working” problem (or maybe creating a seperated server like for 3rd party cogs ?)
If needed, i can take the time to try and approve bots having normals features, that’s not a problem.

I’m not against a list of public Redbots, hell, it might even lay off some steam from DBL. It would absolutely need moderation though, at least some screening. I wouldn’t want to be associated with bump or ad bots, not to mention checking for Discord ToS compliance, plus anything else we can come up with.

It would need some kind of voting system as well, both as a popularity kind of thing, but also to measure trust.

Would also have to discuss if we would want to allow just plain ol’ vanilla Redbots, or if we want to screen for interesting customizations.

I guess this wouldn’t be a bad idea in order for some new users to test all of the features that can be added and customized but then again – we have a testing channel in the discord with tons of bots which would be more accessible than going on to a website and adding each and everyone of them.

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Or another idea is to have an ‘invite’ to a Server Owners; / Red Self hosted Bots Discord server to check bots out briefly… as everyone is bound to have a different ‘mix’ of cogs (and avatars… lol) << that’s what 1st made me want to get my own bots - didn’t much like any of the avi’s around… :joy:

Idea is only as a ‘brief’ a Visit to Join any server with the idea in mind to interact with the different Red bots.


EDIT: Had no idea… shall give them a proper read and re-do this post. Cheers

EDIT: Removed your links, let’s stick to the server rules here as well please.

I’d rather it not become just glorified ads for bot owners’ servers, but it’s in talks.

Hardly an ad… but I guess I know what you mean. If I was ‘looking’ into the features of red and cogs - I’d rather visit some servers more than inviting a bunch of bots personally; I did initially when I made the server… but it was a royal headache ciphering through different bots. lol… and was also meant in a temporary fashion., you may have misinterpreted the idea

The Cog Board staff are having some discussion about the direction of this public bot listing (for Red instances only). We are still working on the logistics of how we plan to set this up.

Currently, we are thinking of having a “cover” or “landing” page (that will be a sub-domain of that highlights maybe 3 exceptional bots and some unique stuff about them. However, there will be a link from that page which leads to a searchable directory of red bots.

Some requirements that have already been set, but are not limited to, are:

  • Must be a Red bot (V2 or V3).
  • Cannot have credits removed.
  • Nothing malicious or API breaking.
  • Bot will be subject to spot checks.

In the coming days, we will be developing a set of guidelines for submissions and instructions on how your bot can be added. I encourage you all to continue discussing what you would or would not like to see on this list, and what requirements you think there should be.

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i was thinking about something, with the new law about data usage, i think that can be a good idea to make people lists all the listeners of their bots (sorted by cogs, with short description on what it the use of it, if the cog isn’t public) and some informations like if it breaks the 14 day of data / member rule of discord’s ToS or that kind of things

That’s really not possible. We could make everyone disclose what listeners their bot has, but enforcing it would be really difficult. I think the same way that cogs work, the good bots will bubble up to the top, while the bad ones will stay at the bottom.

We will investigate any reports made that indicate that a bot is malicious though.

I don’t know if we should be maintaining a v2 bot list going forward. The goal of this (in my mind) would be for willing hosts to help showcase Red, and if we’re doing that, we should be showcasing the latest improvements.


Wow I’m stupid this is a year old lol

@ClearlyElevated This was a discussion about a possible official red bot list. This is not the place to advertise your own bot list. If anyone would like to add their bot to a bot list, plenty can be found from a quick Google search. I’m locking this topic since it has been a year without any discussion.

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