[PAID] Verification request for role

Discord Username:

Payment Information (Optional)
€20 via paypal.

Description of Cog

Verification request for role.
Question form to verify someone to able to get a role. EG: Police/FD/EMT or anything.

When user types [p]verify. the bot will send a DM:

Hello, you are starting the verfication process in . The only way to verify you is by personal data, this data can be seen by any users that has access to the verification channels.

We will need the following data:

  1. Selfy with your discord name writen on a paper and badge next to it. Visible and readable.
  2. Photo of your badge. Sensitive information may be removed.
  3. Department name and department place

After your verification is completed by accepting or rejecting your data will be removed from the channel and bot.
Anyone with access to the verification channel can see your data and screenshot it, if you do not trust everyone, you should not do this.
You have 2 minutes per question."

"Do you still want continue the process? Yes / No.
You can cancel this process anytime by typing `cancel

Yes = Proceed to next questions
No = "Your verification is cancelled"

Question 1: Question 1/5: What service do you work for? (Example: Police / Fire Department / Medical / Towing etc.
Question 2: Question 2/5: What is your first name?
Question 3: Question 3/5: What is the name of your department?
Question 4: Question 4/5: Where is your department located?
Question 5: Question 5/5: Please upload a selfie with your department badge (or other sufficient proof) and your discord name written on a piece of paper that you hold next to your face. This needs to be readable and must be included in 1 photo.

After they uploaded there photo a overview will be showed
Please check if everything is correct
<embed with photo and questions + answers>

If you want change something, please say cancel and start verification again,. If you accept that this data will be posted to <server> say `Yes, I agree

No = Your verification is canceled
Yes = Post embed with information in verification channel.

Verification channel

<Embed with photo and questions + answers> To accept <username> typ [p]verification accept <Usermention/UserID> <roleID/RoleMention> or [p]verification deny <usermention/userid> <reason>

Accept: “Mentioned role will be given to the person”
Reject: Bot in DM Your verification is not approved because: <reason>
Bot in channel: Message <message> send to <user>. Data will be removed from channel and bot.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information:

I got the idea from https://github.com/elijabesu/SauriCogs/tree/master/application maybe you can use some parts of the code from this.
All information should be deleted after the person is rejected or accepted.

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)
bounty will be paid after completion of the cog via paypal.

I’m willing to make this cog, and start coding