[PAID] This Server has worked 0 days without an mention

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: marclapin#0812

Payment Information [Paypal TBD] (would like to know how much it would cost)

Description of Cog: Basically, its a cog that should be triggered at a command/word/mention and say the last time it got triggered and the highest time it took to be triggered again.

Example someone say @here on a server and the bot will say something like this


This record: 0 days, 5 hours, 37 minutes and 43 seconds
Highest record: 2 days, 18 hours, 43 minutes and 37 seconds

litteraly almost the same of this reddit bot

For Red-DiscordBot V3

Other info:

  • the cog must be working with a Raspberry pi 3 B+ on raspbian stretch.
  • I would like that the message is different on each server or could be disabled depending on what server the bot is.
  • The cog must be triggered on words or commands too
  • If the word/command is triggered on a announcement channel (or a channel i dont want to see the bot say that there), it would be nice to have the bot say it on a general channel instead on the announcement channel.

I would be willing to do this cog, depending on the time provided and further details which could be discussed via Discord.

Discord: PaPí#0001

Cog has been finished, everything is working perfectly and communication was very good.

Thanks for making this cog @PaPi !