[PAID] Team Kill Logger Cog

Discord Username Килла#6666

Payment Information (Optional) I will leave this at the discretion of the cog author

Description of Cog I’m looking for a team kill logging cog to be made, there is a very similar standalone discord bot out there https://github.com/kyleshepherd/discord-tk-bot

I’d be happy with the same formatting. If you wish to make this public, you can.


API’s or other information N/A

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC) N/A

Is this supposed to check against an API or is a teamkill logged by someone doing the !tk log command?

Feel free to contact me on discord Dav#6998 with more info.

Sorry, I should have mentioned, yes this would be a manual input thing. No API required

Then hit me up. I’m interested in this.