[PAID] Slashtags Successor

I have read and understand the [Cogboard Bounty rules] (link removed to allow me to post another below)

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username

Payment Information (Optional)
Payment sent will be split 50/50 between me and another user. I would prefer using paypal if possible.

Description of Cog
A fix and potential additions to the slashtags cog, deprecated by phen officially on 10/15/2023. It is MIT licensed and author has also personally approved forks/bounties for its continuation under a different developer.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information
Error to be fixed will be provided to developer that picks up cog.

feature additions (if possible):

  • allow spaces in slashtag name
  • allow creating menus in the slashtag menu (so you could have all your mod commands under one menu to make things easier.)

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)
The cog is currently in a “working” state. However, it has a major issue that prevents execution of its commands most of the time.

Please support your cog for at least 60 days after initial commit and payment to provide adequate testing time.
Non-bug fixes (features) after initial agreed upon cog creation and payment will be paid extra to add.

interested in this. Already dmed you regarding it.

crayyy_zee picked up the bounty and was great to work with.


  • Upfront about their terms and conditions.
  • Upfront about their real life responsibilities and timeline for which the cog could be updated.
  • Milestones for payments were reasonable and progress was transparent.
  • Attentive and responsive towards fixing bugs during the open testing period.
  • Pleasant to work with in general.

Thank you!