[PAID] Simple Help Override - Point to Web URL

Discord Username: AlexCraig#6900

Payment Information: $5 via Paypal on Completion

Description of Cog:

This would be a very simple cog that catches all [p]help commands issued to the bot and prints out a pretty standard message pointing the user / person running the command to a Website instead.

I want to document a lot of the commands, both custom and otherwise that my Bot has on a 3rd party Documentation site, probably something hosted under Github Pages or similar service with basic markdown etc. The current help menu in Red are useful but I’d like to provide a off-platform documentation setup where I can provide more examples and information than can be normally and clearly consumed in the built in help menu.

V2 or V3: V3

API’s or other information:

Current bounty is set at $5 as I expect this to be relatively easy cog with a single command to set the message when users try and run the [p]help command. Bonus points if it can catch specific cog help options as well (ie: [p]help general for example.

Also, I’m always happy to discuss bounty amount if you want to make a case for why you think this is worth more time / money than the current set bounty level. Just reach out on Discord. :slight_smile:

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC):

This isn’t my first Cog board bounty so I have some experience working through these and am more than happy to provide more information or discuss anything here more, either before accepting this bounty or during the development process.

This bounty has been completed by aikaterna#1393 and is available on this Github for anyone that might want to use it: https://github.com/aikaterna/aikas-bad-ideas

Keep in mind the above repo is unsupported and un-maintained.

Thank you again!