[PAID] Press F to Pay Respect

Bounty Request Format:


Payment Information:
Paypal, TBD

Description of Cog
Its a cog that Users can pay respect to someone or something with the F emoji reaction.


  • User: =pressf Retro Encabulator (or the username of someone, same thing i guess)
    =pressf <word/username>

  • Bot: Press F to pay respect to Retro Encabulator (The bot add the F emoji on this message)

Users start pressing F to pay respect and the bot said who has react to the emoji (expect the bot of course)

  • Bot: marclapin has paid respect
  • Bot: Rockwell has paid respect
  • Bot: General Electric has paid respect

2 minutes later

  • Bot: 3 people has paid respect to Retro Encabulator (If the user press F on the other emoji after this message has been displayed, the bot wont react)


API’s or other information:

  • For the countdown to the end of paying respect to someone, it should be 2 minutes after the first command, i dont really need it to be customisable.

  • Only 1 paying respect in the channel at the same time, bot should not react if someone do a =pressf during one.

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

I will be willing to take on this job, will contact you via Discord.

cog has been finished,very fast and paid, thanks @PaPi