[PAID] "Papers Please" citation generator

Discord Username:

Payment Information (Optional)
€ 50,- via paypal.

Description of Cog
I want the “Papers Please” citation generator as command in my bot. Where people can fill in their own values and the bot gives the citation.

V2 or V3
V3 of course

API’s or other information
I want to have the options from this website: https://saphi.re/papers_please/ in a command.
This is the python code for the site above, maybe it will help a lot.

The bot should post a gif that is scrolling from the bottom to above with the given values. I will give a example when we DM each other.

The commands should be [p]citation or [p]citate depending on the action.
I would like to see the all options are available (except the barcode) but only “Citiation Text” should be obligated, also I want to have the options to make preset citations that are quickly to use EG: [p]citate <user> [reason] where <> is optional and ][ obligated.

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)
Bounty: € 50 via paypal upon complete
Issues: Generating a gif

I want this cog to be available to me only
Please contact me via discord.

i’m not saying that i will take the bounty now, but just is it still active, and can you pay in discord nitro gift ?

This request is already filled by TrustyJaid, I am waiting for his response to close this topic.
Also this is a serious place to ask for bounties, asking for Nitro gift sounds very sketsky including I have never ever seen your name on discord.


well, i am active on discord, since recently, but seems that your bounty is already filled.

As already stated, this bounty has been completed by me and paid.