[PAID] [Paid] Nitro Booster Bounty

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Lubricant Jam#0001

Payment Information (Optional): PayPal

Description of Cog: Hi, i’m looking someone to code me a cog for my bot which will reward Nitro Boosters by checking if they have the role, PMing them saying they’re applicable to claim something by linking their steam, once they link their steam it’ll say " is this you?" then they react with an emoji to confirm it’s them then they can use !claim to send a API call every 31 days if they still have the role (because we’d like to reward them each time they reboost). Looking to pay, of course.

V2 or V3: V3

API’s or other information: Prometheus API (http://wiki.prometheusipn.com/index.php?title=Integration:api )