[PAID] [PAID] [£25] Giveaway Cog

[£25] Giveaway Cog:

Username: 0jparker#0001

Payment: £25


As an overall request, I would like this to be available to the public so that many others could benefit from this too.

  1. The ability to hold giveaways via a reaction with the added option of controlling the validity via:
  • Roles
  • Days on Server
  1. Certain roles may also count have a higher percentage chance of winning.
    NB This is the only requirement that is a nice to have, and if it proves too complicated then it is not required.

  2. The amount of winners can be scalable i.e. there could be 1 winner or 100 or even 1000 and so on.

  3. Timestamp for the draw should be the time of the user viewing, so people wouldn’t have to work out when the draw was for their timezone.

  4. Additionally, the time remaining should update as frequent as possible without triggering a rate limit.

  5. This should all be encompassed in an embed that shows the title of the giveaway, how long left, requirements (roles, days on server etc BUT if there is no requirements dont show it), time the giveaway ends, who started the giveaway (this should be a string not the person invoking the command, that way mods can start a giveaway on behalf of a user and they have their name show up).

  6. Must be able to be done via a proxy channel i.e. set up in a staff channel but posts to a different channel.

  7. Upon a draw, it updates the initial embed with the list of winners if the amount of winners is 50 or less, if there are more than 50 winners, update the embed to link to a txt file called winners.txt with the winners listed i.e.
    1 - user#1234
    2 - user2#1234

  8. Additionally also post a message in the channel where the giveway is being held a congratulations message, pinging all the users is the amount of winners is 50 or less and if theres more than 50 winners, the message posted should be a custom message defined by the server owner.

  9. Commands to do this can be discussed as we go and what is feasible. as I’d like the abilty for the person involing the commands to set up a default config so that a shortcut could be used to quickly start a giveaway.

Version: V3

Apologies if this is in the wrong place please let me know if it is.

Willing to discuss budget, but upping to £30 negotiable now.

Hey there! I am tried contacting you on Discord but your username seems to be incorrect
I am interested in this bounty. You can hit me up at AXVin#2130

Its now de.oj#0001
Shot you a friend request so we can discuss, though I am at work Mon-Fri 9-5 British Summer Time (BST).
Thanks for replying.

After discussion on Discord, i will be taking this bounty

The bounty was completed and paid for by the client. The instructions to install the cog are:

Add repo: [p]repo add AXVin-Cogs https://github.com/AXVin/AXVin-Cogs
Install Cog: [p]cog install AXVin-Cogs giveaway

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Hello AXVin.

This will be your second warning regarding licensing with cogs you have worked on. Items in your giveaway cog, namely your time.py and formats.py, were directly copied from Danny without attribution or credit defined by the terms of the MIT license that Danny uses.


Giveaway.py also has elements in it that remind me of RJM’s raffle cog, such as the Days on Server requirement and some of the structure of the code itself. I would advise you to at least take care of the proper attribution for Danny’s code, but I am not a lawyer and you should handle this appropriately as you see fit. You will not be able to participate here on the cogboard for an undetermined amount of time. I have made this statement public for visibility on how I view the severity of this offense.