[PAID] [PAID] [10€] Update RoleManagement by SinbadCogs

[PAID] [10€] Update RoleManagement by SinbadCogs

Discord Username : Zalati#5367

Can be paid via Paypal as F&F or Bitcoin

First, here is the link of the concerned cog : https://github.com/mikeshardmind/SinbadCogs/tree/v3/rolemanagement

What I would like is what Menteroth describe in this issue : https://github.com/mikeshardmind/SinbadCogs/issues/209

“When setting roles exclusive to each other it would be nice to have the bot remove the reaction your first chose if you react with something else later. So that if you need/want to go back to the initial reaction you don’t have to unreact before reacting again. Plus it also shows the correct number of reactions compared to roles added to members.”


After discussion on Discord, i will be taking on this bounty

The bounty was completed and paid for by the client.
Instructions to add the changes:

  • Remove the old rolemanagement cog if you are already using it. [p]cog uninstall rolemanagement
  • Add repo: [p]repo add UpdatedRoleManagement https://github.com/AXVin/SinbadCogs
  • Install Cog: [p]cog install UpdatedRoleManagement rolemanagement


  • This fork removes the normalised unicode emojis. So, if you are using emojis like :one:, :two:, etc., You need to clear those binds and re-setup the reactions again

This topic is now unlisted for violating our rule of: Do not ask for a developer to modify another developer’s code, cog, or source without their explicit permission.

I will be deleting this thread shortly (within 1 day), and am leaving this message after I unlisted it for clarity and so that the involved parties know of this issue before the topic is removed.

Edit on Jul 15: This post was unarchived and undeleted for public visibility and a record of this interaction.