[PAID] Member Event Poster

Discord Username: Ryox#4416

Payment Information: Negotiable. You let me know what it will cost. Cog should be public if possible.

Description of Cog:

While for me this cog has a focus on Destiny, this could be used for other games as well.

I am looking to have a cog made that will allow users to create an “Event” that will then go to an admin channel for approval. If approved it will then get pushed to a public channel as an @everyone announcement.

Event flow would work as follows:

After the requester has verified that the event looks correct it will be sent to a admin channel for approval.

If rejected, the bot will ask the admin for a reason then reply to the requester with the rejection notice and reason from the Admin.

If approved the requester is notified that the event was approved and the event is posted in an admin specified channel with an @everyone tag and a footer showing the Admin who approved it, the event ID and the time and date it was approved.


After the event has been posted users would be able to join via [p]joinevent eventIDthus updating the embed removing an [Empty Slot] and replacing it with their Discord tag.
They would also be able to leave the event via [p]leaveevent eventID this would replace their discord tag in the embed with [Empty Slot]
In addition, the requester would be able to cancel/remove the event.

Finally, if possible I would like it so that certain keywords for the title would change the event thumbnail icon.

For example:
If the word Crucible is mentioned it would use Crucible
If the word Gambit is mentioned it would use Gambit
If any of these words Last Wish / LW, Leviathan, Eater of Worlds / EoW, Spire of Stars / SoS or Scourge of the Past / SotP are mentioned it would use Raid
If the title does not match any of the above options it would use Patrol

V2 or V3: V3

Please contact me if you have any questions.

I am ready to take this cog, but before i do so i will like to have a conversation with you via discord.
Discord: PaPí#0001