[PAID] [HIRED] Anti Discord Links module


I’ll provide payment through Paypal.

I would like to see a cog created that prevents users from advertising their own discord invites. i only want specific roles to be able to place invite links in our discord server. so the cog needs to have a command to block certain roles from posting discord invite links, so a blacklist to deny it, and a whitelist to allow posting of discord invite links.

now i’ve found the cog on Kowlin’s github. but its a cog that is not compatible with Red V3. so hence why i ask through here. the cog on his repo is the following: https://github.com/Kowlin/refactored-cogs/tree/master/antilink

a most awesome thing would be if Kowlin would just rewrite his cog for V3

This is for Red V3 (code for 3.1, however backwards compatible would be appreciated since 3.1 isn’t released yet)

As stated above i’m willing to pay between 5 and 10 dollars for it. however we can discuss payment if that amount is too little.

Best Regards,

I would like to discuss this further via Discord!
Discord account: PaPí#0001

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i’ve added you as a friend for further discussion through discord.
if i don’t respond right away, it might be because i’m at work. but i’ll respond/contact you as soon as possible.

you can use Trusty’s retrigger cog with some regex to do that, don’t need to be a cog

@PaPi has coded this, and i’ve paid him for it.

I can recommend his services, he’s fast with building it (told me up to 10 work days) and got it done the day he said that xD. also communication between us went really smooth and i would definitely hire him again in the future when i need someone.

5 / 5 experience.