[PAID] Giftaway Cog

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Christmas was expensive, but I’m willing to pay 10€ (Paypal only) and am open for negotiations.
But I hope it is enough, since the cog should become public accessible.

Description of Cog

Giftaway cog

Since I use Humble Bundle I got many Keys that I don’t really need. And so are some of my Users.
I have a freebie channel, but since everyone can claim the Key and mostly no one says that he grabbed it, it is a bit confusing.
So I got the Idea that I wanna give the Keys to my Bot and it posts a short Description, if possible from IGDB, with a Reaction to grab the Key. First comes, first serves.

Example (imagine it embedded):

Mistery gifts (Number of Keys) Key for:


(If possible a preview pic and genre grabbed from IGDB)

Click the Reaction below to grab the Key

Mistery gifted (Number of Keys) Key for:


(If possible a preview picand some infos like genre, release date, etc grabbed from IGDB)

Grabbed by:
User 1 at Mistery’s Pub
User 2 at other Server Name

help menu
[p]giftaway/ga (gift a Key in one Server)
[p]globalgift/gg (gift a Key in multiple Servers)
[p]multikey (gift many keys of the same kind)
[p]globalmulti (gift many keys of the same kind in multiple servers)
[p]gifthere (to gift a key in a private channel, everyone or allowed role)
[p]giftawayset/gaset (Server Owner and Administrators only)

Except of the Settings, everything should be handled in DM.

First cog I request so I don’t know what infos to give else at this point.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information
IGDB.com integration would be nice

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

10€, negotiable, Paypal only
Public access

I like this grab bag idea. I’d be willing to chip in some cash to see someone make this as well.

Since no one is interested yet, I raise the payment to 20€, still negotiable.

If Code really want’s to support this Project with aditional funds, I gladly accept this.

I am interested in taking this bounty, contacting you through discord.

Long words short, Flame is hired :slight_smile:

I will split the 20€ so Mistery only has to cover their initial 10€.

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Completed and paid.